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Providing Liquidity

This guide will walk you through the process of providing liquidity on Bunni and staking it for rewards, as well as how to just provide liquidity and for staking on protocols like Liquis.

If you prefer to see a walkthrough, consider watching the video below:

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Providing Liquidity and Staking on Bunni

Step 1: Add Liquidity to the pool of your choice

  • Do you have only one of the 2 assets that are part of the pool? If so, refer to Zap
  • If you have both assets, refer to the "Add Liquidity" option

Step 2: Deposit, or Deposit and Stake?

  • If you wish to earn oLIT rewards and swap fees directly on Bunni, approve the tokens and select "Deposit and Stake"
  • If instead you wish to earn liqLIT and LIT rewards, and swap fees on wrappers like Liquis, just select "Deposit". You can then stake your ERC-20 LP tokens on Liquis directly.

Step 3: Harvest Rewards (Optional)

  • Over time, you will earn rewards for staking your LP tokens.
  • To collect these rewards, navigate back to the "Portfolio" section.
  • Click on "Claim oLIT" to claim your rewards.