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oLIT incentives are distributed among different gauges based on how veLIT holders vote on the gauge weights. Bunni LPs stake their LP tokens in gauges to receive oLIT incentives.

Bunni gauges are based on Curve gauges. Read the Curve docs to learn more.

How to earn oLIT rewards from gauges

  1. Provide liquidity to a Bunni pool that has a gauge.
  2. Stake your LP tokens into the gauge.
  3. You will now receive oLIT rewards over time. You must claim the rewards from the gauge contract.

How to boost your oLIT rewards

Holding veLIT will boost the amount of rewards you receive. The more veLIT you hold, the more rewards you receive (up to a point). See boosting to learn more.

What happens when the LP position of a gauge goes out of range?

Bunni uses our Uniswap Price-out-of-range oracle to determine if a gauge's position is out of range. If it is, then the gauge is killed and stops receiving oLIT rewards. The oLIT rewards directed to the killed gauge are burnt.

See Killing an out-of-range gauge to learn more.